Create thousands of product descriptions for your shop


E-shop owners need accurate product descriptions underlying the main attributes of the product. Yet often, there are no resources available to manage the ever-changing inventory. There, product description automation would be of great help.

​Benefits of automating product descriptions with our text generation technology:

  • Standardized and consistent use of SEO-adopted vocabulary

  • Increased findability both internally and through a web search

  • No errors in product presentation. Generated text exactly matches product attributes

  • Product descriptions that are not blunt and repetitive

  • Multi-language support is possible

Based on product data create text like:

These stylish shoes use a range of materials that will provide you with the ultimate in comfort and look. The shoes have an embossed, textured red color, white tone-on-tone detailing, giving an amazing feel, and also adds to the aesthetics of the garment.