Make your customer communication personalized and rich


Are you building a chatbot that needs to respond with a complex context-specific description? AT can help build chatbot response documents.

Our open and highly customizable NLG platform will benefit your customer communication.

  • Core solution is an available as open-source software

  • Benefit from ongoing open core platform development

  • No licensing

  • No annual subscription fees

Based on a client data and other information generate personalized narratives like this:

Hello John,
You know, it has been three years since you became a client of "Company". Since then until now, you have never delayed or missed your payments. To recognize this, we would like to "Thank You" by giving you a $100 voucher for your next order. It's a pleasure to have client like you!


Dear Maggie,
We, at "Company", would like to say a big "Thank You" for being such a reliable client over the last two years. You have never missed a payment throughout this time! It's a pleasure to have client like you. To show our appreciation, please find a $50 voucher for your next order. We hope to celebrate with you again next year.